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about us


Interno3architetti was born in Milan from the friendship and partnership among Ana, Alberto and Beatrice.

Nowadays the studio is run by Ana and Beatrice.

We are both architects sharing different and complementary backgrounds and interests. When we met we discovered a specially common harmony in the way of looking at the world and of working method… so Interno3Architetti was born!

​We offer services of architectural design, interior design and landscape design, with a particular sensibility for the well-being of those who will live in the designed space. Our approach is tailoring-like, each project is unique and it is shaped on the client and his/her dreams: we help with an eye to good taste and one to pragmatism to shape the project.

We work as a team and we collaborate, depending on the projects specs, with trusted and competent professionals and makers.

We can give you support starting from the choice of the perfect property up to the “making and shaping” of your project!

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